Aerosky is the professional Academy in the practical aircraft maintenance engineering training field in Egypt and middle East.

The AeroSky message is to develop the field of aircraft maintenance in Egypt

We believe that the aircraft maintenance field is not a monopoly to anyone, so our role is to raise awareness and educate those who are passionate about the world of aircraft maintenance and to facilitate the study of everything related to the field of aircraft maintenance at competitive prices with experts from Egypt and Europe, to qualify them for aviation maintenance opportunities job in Egypt and outboard.

Aerosky Vision

That to be the aircraft maintenance field leader, and to become the first destination for anyone who wants to study aerospace maintenance engineering in the whole Arab world.

Why Aerosky is the best aircraft maintenance engineering academy in Egypt?

We are a staff of experts and specialists in the field of Aeronautical maintenance engineering in Egypt and the Arab world.

Our Practical training progress with the experts from Egypt and Europe.

We are always in open-loop process to improve our programs through signing protocols with huge governmental organizations such as A.O.I and EAA.

Our team is always providing support and the best training at competitive prices.