Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) Maintenance

Aerosky Aviation founded in 2016 by a group of professional’s aeronautical engineers and pilots offer many services in Aviation field, our services for ordinary people and for people who want a professional’s career. We offer a new horizon to satisfy your expectation in the world of aviation. With pleasure Aerosky Sky Aviation Co. launches the Gas Turbine Engines Program with cooperate of the biggest manufacturing facility in ensigns’ field

Who can attend the Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) Maintenance course?

  Aeronautical Engineer.
  Mechanical Engineer.
  Communication Engineer.
  Mechatronics Engineer.

About the program

In this course You will study all the practical processes which used to maintenance gas turbine engines in aeronautical, navy, petroleum and power field.

Delegates should attend this course if they are interested in understanding all the processes to maintenance gas turbine engines like (operation, component, maintenance, inspection, disassemble, assembly, testing ……etc.) and be familiar with all its components and how to troubleshoot the failure.

Gas turbine engines maintenance is the method to keep gas turbine engines fit for operation which used in many fields like aviation, petroleum and power field.

Course content:

  Introduction in gas turbine engines, engine performance engine systems and How GTE WORK.
  GTE component familiarization.
  How to use maintenance manual through maintenance operation.
  Fan blades replacement (practical).
  Fan trim balance (practical).
  Engine boroscope insp. (practical).
  Ignition system removal and installation (practical).
  Anti-ice system.
  Hydraulic system.
  Trouble shooting.

Program Summary

  Training subject: Gas turbine engine Maintenance Training.
  Training duration is: 4 practical days.
  Every student will get certificate with total 16 hours of training approved by Egyptian aviation academy.
  The practical training will be held at Egyptian aviation academy.

*Discount available for groups