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The best training academy in the aircraft maintenance engineering

Aerosky is the professional Academy in the practical aircraft maintenance engineering training field in Egypt.

About Us.

To prepare the trainees very well for the aviation job market in Egypt and the Middle East through practical and theoretical training courses.

Aerosky Mission

To provide aircraft maintenance engineering courses at competitive prices with our partners inside Egypt and abroad.

Aerosky Vision

Aerosky To become the first destination for anyone who wants to study aerospace maintenance engineering in the whole Arab world.

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We have more than one training program such as: EASA PART 66 - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) Maintenance.

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Our Training

EASA part 66 license

EASA 66 license is the most powerful aircraft maintenance license, which allows its holders to certify the maintenance work that has been carried out on an aircraft of European union companies or countries that relate to the EASA and return it to service.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

This is practical training for engineers who are passionate about aircraft maintenance, in order for the trainee to be introduced to the stages of aircraft maintenance, discuss all training and work opportunities outside Egypt an direct the trainee to catch it.

Gas Turbine Engine

Aerosky Aviation founded in 2016 by a group of professional’s aeronautical engineers and pilots offer many services in Aviation field, our services for ordinary people and for people who want a professional’s career. We offer a new horizon to satisfy your expectation in the world of aviation.