What are the qualifications for obtaining an EASA PART 66 aircraft maintenance license?

  It is the best opportunity for all impassioned for working in the field of aircraft maintenance, Provided that who has certificate high school or equivalent or bachelor's degree certificate.
  It's a golden opportunity for mechanical and electrical engineers to work as Aircraft mechanics or Aircraft electrics, But they don't know that.
  The EASA license is more inclusive than other aerospace maintenance engineering licenses for all Aircraft maintenance engineers and students, it's saving time and job opportunities in the Gulf countries and the European Union.

what are the aerospace maintenance engineering license categories?

There are several categories for EASA part 66 license, that covered different levels and Specialties:

  A: Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic.
  B1: (Mechanical) Maintenance Certifying Technician.
  B2: (Avionic) Maintenance Certifying Technician.
  C: Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer.

Also, the Aircraft Maintenance License categories A and B1 are subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of airplanes, helicopters, turbine, and piston engines as follows:

  A1 and B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine.
  A2 and B1.2 Aeroplanes Piston.
  A3 and B1.3 Helicopters Turbine.
  A4 and B1.4 Helicopters Piston.

Aerosky Aviation Academy provides Basic Training for the categories B1.1, B1.3, B2.

How can you become an EASA part 66 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

There are 3 main requirements that you must meet before you can obtain a Part 66 basic license which are as follows :

  Age: The minimum age to hold a part 66 license is 18 years old, in order to certify, you have to be 21 years old.
  Theoretical Exams: You should finish all Theoretical exams at an organization-approved 147 either or a competent authority exams center, The number of exams is depending on the modules required based on which category that you had applied.
  Worksheet: You should submit your proof of Practical Training (worksheet) in a workshop which complies with Part-145 in 5 years.

Finally when all 3 requirements have been met above, you are able to issue your Aircraft Maintenance License AML from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

What are The benefits of attending EASA Part 66 exams and Practical training with Aerosky Aviation Academy?

Aerosky Aviation Academy prepared very special training and preparation courses, so you can get your license in the shortest time.

Aerosky Aviation Academy launched the Aircraft Maintenance License AML Egypt with cooperation with one of the most flexible EASA Part 147 approved training organizations (Suntech Aviation).

By getting an Aircraft Maintenance License ( EASA part 66 ), you can be one of the most in-demand professionals worldwide, with the highest salaries.

With Aerosky Aviation Academy you can start your practical training after joining our program directly so you can finish in the shortest amount of time.

You will get your EASA part 66 training under the supervision of highly qualified Engineers.

The EASA part 66 training will be done at Hangers and workshops comply with part 145.

With Aerosky Aviation Academy and an EASA Part 66 license, your professional opportunities can expand in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and globally.

We prepared EASA Part 66 exams and basic training courses for EASA part 66 b1 and EASA part 66 b2 license categories in Egypt with the lowest cost, So you can Apply Now for all module package training or separate module examinations.

The EASA 66 license training place!

We are the only company in Egypt that provides practical training. Many maintenance repair organizations (MROs) comply with ECAR part 145 which is mandatory According to EASA regulations.

The EASA 66 license training duration!

The Practical training duration is: 5 years (twice a week). The Theoretical Examinations duration is: 15- Days only including (reviewing of modules + Modules Exam)