Aircraft maintenance engineering short course

This is practical training for engineers who are passionate about aircraft maintenance, in order for the trainee to be introduced to the stages of aircraft maintenance, discuss all training and work opportunities outside Egypt an direct the trainee to catch it.

Who can attend the Aircraft maintenance engineering course?

  Aeronautical Engineer.
  Mechanical Engineer.
  Communication Engineer.
  Mechatronics Engineer.

What are the benefits of attending the Aircraft maintenance engineering course with AEROSKY?

First: For students of mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, electrical engineering, and communications engineering.

  The Aerosky Academy trainee will learn about the job opportunities for him inside the field of aircraft maintenance.
  After completing the training with Aerosky Academy, the trainee will be familiar with the principles of aviation maintenance.
  The trainee will obtain a certificate of attendance approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  The certificate of attendance that the trainee will obtain, may be an alternative to the practical training required from engineering students while studying.

Benefits for aeronautical engineering students

Second: for aeronautical engineering students

  The aircraft maintenance program is a practical training to the theoretical part that has been studied.
  The Aerosky Academy Trainee will obtain an inclusive vision of the field of aircraft maintenance, which sequentially will lead him to make the right decisions according to his future.
  An aeronautical engineering student can use the attendance certificate as practical experience in the CV.
  The certificate of attendance that the trainee will obtain, may be an alternative to the practical training required from the aircraft engineering student while studying.

Safety and precaution instructions

Aircraft System Landing gear

    Types of the landing gear.
    Landing gear classifications.

Fundamental of aerodynamics

    Theory of flight .
    Stability and control.

Aircraft structure

    A Brief History of Aircraft Structure.
    Component of Aircraft Structure.
    Primary flight control component and function.
    Secondary flight control component and function.

Engine Types & Classifications

    Jet engines -Piston Engines.
    Engine construction.
    Engine Contro.
    Engine fuel system.
    Engine Oil system.

Electric & Avionics

    Electric system introduction.
    Navigation system and instruments .
    Communication system.
    Auto flight system. Flight data recorder .

Fuel System

    Aircraft Fuel Tank .
    Pump operation and type.
    Power Plant.

Wheels Powered Steering

    Shock Absorbs.
    Brake system.
    Anti-Skid Systems.

Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System Components.
    Hydraulic open system.
    Hydraulic closed System.
    Hydraulic Pump types.

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The Aircraft maintenance training duration!

4 practical days, two days theoretical by the supervision of experts in aircraft maintenance from the Egyptian Aviation Academy.